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We are an Advisory Firm with a focus on Small Business. Since 2015, Ameritech & Associates has originated more than $400 million, comprising more than one thousand loans to small businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, CA and its operations center is in Orlando, FL.

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We can be the sound board you bounce your next ideas off

We are not looking to change what you have already done. We are only going to help you make the proper decisions that will give you the growth you have been looking for. All solutions backed by the proper data to ensure the success with every decision.

Put you trust in a firm that stands behind the vision you have for your company and provides all the tools needed to scale your business successfully.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No upfront cost at all for our services but we do have a cost for our advisory services to implement a full growth strategy and our team coming on board to help with your growth. That cost can range from $5,000 to $22,000 depending on the scope of work.

No, we will not need to make any visits to your business at all for the business funding or advisory services. If we are assisting with selling your business, we would make a visit to the business as required during the selling process.

No long-term contract is every signed for our services. We create a roadmap for you, and you can follow it on your own or have us be apart of your growth journey.

Yes! If you are not happy with your advisor at any part of the process, we will gladly exchange that advisor with someone else you feel more comfortable with.

If for whatever reason our strategies do not work to increase revenue for your business, we will cover the costs until we can track the growth ourselves.