About Us

Troublesome change is quickening, and companies in present day deal with more obscurity than ever before.

But with obscurity comes opportunity. Business leaders fortified to act in the face of hesitation can create paths to evolution that have not yet been dreamed of.

Conventional tactics to strategy and growth are deficient to meet the challenge. They investigate the past to predict the future. They are fronting the wrong way.

Ameritech & Associates views the world contrarily. We’re in the future business. As the leading professional on disruptive innovation and strategic transformation, we deliver a rare set of lenses to growth strategy.

We aid business leaders cultivate profound insights into the requirements of tomorrow’s customers, align around a common vision of the future, and then develop the organizational momentum to get there.

Our approach is united, and our clients inform us we transform the way they think about and view the world, enabling them to do things they could never do before. We build skill, not reliance.

We help you own the future.

Focused on Evolution, Guided by Ideals

Our attitude and ethics go beyond conventional analytic consulting approaches to facilitate you to discover the unknown – and identify and control opportunities and markets that don’t yet exist. This focus allows us to provide deep knowledge, experience, judgment, and pattern recognition to growth problems.

We love providing impact. Our goal is similar to yours – building concrete business results. You’ll be left with the organizational structure, process, and skills to continue to expand over the long haul.

Our ethics – including modesty, collaboration, transparency, and intellectual curiosity – direct our work with clients, with each other, and our commitment to enabling innovation in organizations.

Our expertized staff and network of collaborators continue to spread the knowledge and practice of innovation through modern technology, Harvard Business Reviews, and other stories that break new ground in innovation strategy.

Our Team

daniel desta

Daniel Desta

Expertise: CEO


David Harrington

Expertise: COO

jason beek

Jason Beek

Expertise: Wealth Management

karl miller

Karl Miller

Expertise: Advisory Board Member